Evidence-based Clinical Chinese Medicine Vol. 23: Episodic Migraine.
Evidence-based Clinical Chinese Medicine Vol. 23: Episodic Migraine.

作者:Claire Shuiqing Zhang


出版社:World Scientific





This 23rd volume of the Evidence-based Clinical Chinese Medicine series aims to provide a multi-faceted 'whole evidence' analysis of the management of Episodic Migraine in integrative Chinese medicine. Beginning with overviews of how Episodic Migraine is conceptualized and managed in both conventional medicine and contemporary Chinese medicine, the authors then provide detailed analyses of how Episodic Migraine were treated with herbal medicine and acupuncture in past eras.In the subsequent chapters, the authors comprehensively review the current state of the clinical trial evidence for Chinese herbal medicines (Chapter 5), acupuncture and other Chinese medicine therapies (Chapter 7), and combination Chinese medicine therapies (Chapter 8) in the management of Episodic Migraine, as well as analyse and evaluate the results of these studies from an evidence-based medicine perspective. In Chapter 6, the authors review and summarize experimental evidence for the bioactivity of commonly used Chinese herbs in Chapter 6. The outcomes of these analyses are summarised and Chapter 1 Introduction to Migraine.