Essential Neuroscience. 4/e









Essential Neuroscience integrates must-have neuroscience information with clinical and physiological considerations to help readers master the fundamentals of neuroscience and prepare for board and course exams.
Acclaimed for its concise, clinically relevant coverage, this student-friendly book uses a stepwise approach that starts with the basic building blocks of neural anatomy and expands to cover structures and functions, the interaction of systems, and the science of clinical disorders. A well-balanced mix of anatomy, physiology, biology, and biochemistry helps students increase their conceptual understanding of the subject matter and prepare for practice.
Vividly illustrated and rich with clinical case studies, summary tables, a glossary of key terms, and comprehensive USMLE-style review questions, this accessible resource fosters the understanding essential to students’ success on their exams and in clinical practice.
Updated coverage familiarizes you with the latest clinical practices and approaches.
Full-color illustrations clarify anatomic structures and complex processes.
CT images and MRIs demonstrate radiologic anatomy and present conditions in a clinically relevant context.
Clinical Cases enhance your clinical application capabilities and help you confidently manage commonly encountered conditions.
Chapter Outlines and Summary Tables emphasize essential content and maximize your study time.
Glossary defines bolded key terms at a glance.